Hardcore Vegetarians May Have Had a Hand in the French Revolution

Unless you're from new New Orleans and got knock-down, drag-out wasted last night in the French Quarter for Independence Day, Part Deaux (or unless you're from French Canada or actual France), odds are you missed out on Saturday's Bastille Day fete. That's okay, though, because NPR is offering you a plate of steaming… » 7/15/12 4:30pm 7/15/12 4:30pm

The French Revolution Put the Kabosh on Lady Artists

Sure the ancien régime cavorting in pre-bloodbath France fed their gluttonous lifestyle by shaking down the country's peasants and bourgeoisie with inordinately high taxes, but even in the days of the oppressive monarchy, ordinary French citizens enjoyed a ton of privileges that their mud-digging European peers hadn't… » 3/04/12 1:30pm 3/04/12 1:30pm