Khloe Kardashian Left French Montana Because He Needs Her Too Much

A Kardashian has broken up with a guy while pretending their relationship was ever a real thing in the first place. LOL. But since the Kardashian in question is Khloe, the most sensible of the brood in my opinion, I’ll give her a pass. But let's be real, French Montana was mainly a press-savvy rebound. »9/10/14 5:45pm9/10/14 5:45pm

Rob Kardashian Hasn't Spoken to Kim or Khloe Since the Kimye Wedding

Sock magnate Rob Kardashian has apparently cut off all contact with sisters Kim and Khloe in the weeks since he bailed on Kim's Florentine nuptials. According to a source, he is "not in a good place." (Is that place "not wanting to be told that he's destroying the family with his butt circumference"? Because I think… »6/25/14 8:00pm6/25/14 8:00pm

It's NBD That Farrah Abraham Waxed Her Toddler's Eyebrows--She Was ASLEEP

Ohhhhhhhh, okay, then! Remember earlier this year when everyone got mad at Farrah Abraham for waxing her 3-year-old daughter's eyebrows? Well, turns out, it's toooootally not a big deal, because the toddler was asleep when her mom poured hot wax on her face and then ripped all of her face-hair out to make her more… »10/25/13 8:00pm10/25/13 8:00pm