French Bulldog Cries to 'Someone Like You'

Have you heard? It's Valentine's Day, a celebration of all things love-related, from the rush of meeting someone special to the heartbreak of knowing you'll never get to smell your ex-boyfriend's laundry again. Let's focus, for a moment, on the bitter end of love with the help of Adele and an adorable French Bulldog. » 2/14/12 7:50pm 2/14/12 7:50pm

Intersex Bulldog Makes Dog-Testicle History

The first-ever intersex French bulldog was discovered in Spain this week, when researchers found that lady-bulldog Tana had internal testicles. Eighteen other dog breed have been found to exhibit intersex characteristics — as have goats, horses, pigs, and people. Tana's testicles were surgically removed, though one… » 3/24/11 5:15pm 3/24/11 5:15pm