Patrick Dempsey Welcomes Donatella Versace Into His Family

  • Now the face of Versace menswear, Patrick Dempsey has started referring to Donatella Versace as his "Italian mother." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Model Erin O'Connor musing on the end of another fashion season: "...yes I'm howling, oh how woeful I was when the mini cab rocked up early Sunday morning to collect the regal…
  • »2/25/08 12:30pm2/25/08 12:30pm

Frederick's Of Hollywood: Not As Slutty As You Might Think! (But Still Pretty Slutty)

First things first. Of course an item of clothing all by itself cannot be "slutty." And a woman wearing a provocative, wispy, sexy, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination item of clothing is not a slut. But there are some slutty-ass accoutrements in the Frederick's Of Hollywood catalog. Victoria may have a Secret;… »1/08/08 4:00pm1/08/08 4:00pm

Stella McCartney Feels Heather Mills' Pain... Or, You Know, Would Like To Inflict More?

  • The battle between Stella McCartney and Heather Mills rages on regarding Heather's divorce from Stella's dad Paul! And even though we declared ourselves Team Stella for this one, we're a little wary about her latest overture: A necklace baring a single leg. Perhaps in nasty homage to her prosthetic-using…
  • »11/06/07 10:00am11/06/07 10:00am

Sienna Miller And Sister Shock The World, Design A Clothing Line

  • Meet Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah's first clothing collection, "Anthology of Rebellion." We would like to rebel against its ugliness. Savannah's the taller one on the right, though apparently Sienna got better tits (Sienna Miller has tits?) The collection will not be about boho or foho or whatever it is…
  • »8/06/07 10:00am8/06/07 10:00am