Plastic Surgery: Where Do You Draw The Line Between Deformity And…

Americans are spending a reported $13.2 billion on cosmetic surgery (more than the GDP of Bolivia!), but should health insurers be reimbursing at least a few of these procedures? Over on the New York Times "Freakonomics" blog, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zenn points out: "Insurance companies often insist that surgery… » 6/19/08 4:20pm 6/19/08 4:20pm

Finance Roundup: We Scan The Biz Pages So As To Stop Hating Ourselves

Sick of celebs — of the non Money Honey neo-P. Keaton variety — yet? Good, cause it's time for finance roundup, that thing we're doing so we don't lose all our neurons to the silicon-silicone vortex. (Get that? Please?) Basically the big news today is that the Fed Chief, who is no longer Alan Greenspan so we really… » 3/28/07 2:06pm 3/28/07 2:06pm