Meet the First Muslim Fraternity

Alif Laam Meem, also known by their Greek letters as the Alpha Lambda Mu fraternity, was founded this past February at the University of Texas Dallas. But now that it's fall and prime Rush season, ALM is pushing to recruit new members and start new chapters around the country. This frat news isn't notable because the… » 9/06/13 2:00pm 9/06/13 2:00pm

Jewish Sorority Girl Responds to Frat Bro With 'How to Impress Gentiles'

After her sorority was the subject of a letter—specifically, a guide to talking to Jewish girls—penned by a University of Maryland frat guy that went viral, one girl came back with an answer rap of sorts, sent to her sisters on her list-serv, "How to Impress a Gentile." Biting and funny, it turns the tables on one… » 4/10/13 12:27pm 4/10/13 12:27pm

Frat Boys Walking in High Heels for Charity Is Quite a Sight to Behold

It's not often that you associate a pack of frat boys with a campaign to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence against women, but sometimes life offers up a nice surprise. This group of fraternity brothers at Western Kentucky University got together to walk—or at least try to walk—a mile while wearing pairs… » 3/22/12 11:15pm 3/22/12 11:15pm