'Rape Cops' Say All Charges Should Be Cleared Since They Were Just 'Goofing Off'

Remember the charmingly-nicknamed NYPD "rape cops" who were acquitted of rape and burglary but charged with "official misconduct" back in 2011 for having sex with a drunk woman whose taxi driver had called 911 out of concern for her wellbeing? (Not to be confused with that other "rape cop," Michael Pena, who struck a… »10/23/12 11:40am10/23/12 11:40am


Second NYC 'Rape Cop' Sentenced To 60 Days For Misconduct

Two days after his partner Kenneth Moreno's sentencing, former New York City policeman Franklin Mata was sentenced to 60 days in jail for official misconduct after he allegedly stood guard while Moreno sexually assaulted a woman. The policemen were acquitted of a more serious charge of rape back in May. The judge told… »8/10/11 4:30pm8/10/11 4:30pm