MK and A Want to Sell You a Perfume That Smells Like Lying in Bed

The December issue of Allure has two covers: One of Ashley Olsen, one of Mary-Kate Olsen. The tycoons are launching a duo of perfumes connected to their designer label Elizabeth and James. » 11/14/13 5:45pm 11/14/13 5:45pm

Robert Pattinson is Face of Dior Homme, But What About L'eau de R.Patz?

Robert Pattinson has just announced as the new impossibly perfect face of Dior Homme, joining Jude Law as one of Dior's professional smolderers. Advertisements for fragrances are always iffy— linking scent to some sort of untouchable image of wealth and/or sex always results in some freaky 30 second clip made by… » 6/12/13 6:15pm 6/12/13 6:15pm

The French Believe Julian Casablancas Smells Like 'The Essence Of Rock'

Decibel, the new men's fragrance by Azzaro, is packaged in a microphone-shaped bottle and represented by The Strokes' lead singer. » 9/02/11 9:30am 9/02/11 9:30am

Perfume News: Eat, Pray, Love, Reek

What the world needs now: More perfume! Fresh and Sony Pictures are launching fragrances based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir (and the soon-to-be-released film). Bottle a trip to India and a make-out sesh with Javier Bardem. We'll buy! [WWD] » 6/25/10 1:20pm 6/25/10 1:20pm

Celebrity Fragrances No Longer Smell As Sweet To Consumers

Though the number of celebrity fragrances more than doubled since 2005, analysts say consumers are becoming embarrassed about buying them. Last year the average celebrity fragrance made $2.6 million, down from $8 million in 2005. [The Street] » 9/10/09 12:40pm 9/10/09 12:40pm

Smell The Beef

Like Britney before them, Burger King execs are moving into the fragrance market with their new, seductive eau de burger, Flame. Sadly, the scent is only available in New York. [AdAge] » 12/16/08 9:40am 12/16/08 9:40am