Rihanna Would Like You to Inhale Her Eleganza

Rihanna stopped at Macy’s in New York Monday to promote her brand new fragrance, RiRi, a fruity floral with top notes of “mandarin, cassis, rum and passion fruit” according to Fragrantica, aka The Bible. Her in-store look was somewhere between ‘80s Madonna and Marie-Antoinette, and clearly she’s got the hand-model… »9/01/15 12:45pm9/01/15 12:45pm


A Whiff on the Wild Side: Confessions of a Vintage Perfume Addict

It was a few years ago when I was the editor of a women's pop culture website that I started writing about perfume on my blog, YesterdaysPerfume.com. Trying to be discreet in the middle of an open office, I'd pop open a tiny one-milliliter vial of the decanted perfume du jour and dab it on my wrist with its plastic… »12/07/13 5:00pm12/07/13 5:00pm

The One Direction Fragrance Made Half a Million Bucks in One Week

The oh-so-fun lads of One Direction took the time to sniff a bunch of chemicals and "create" a fragrance — Our Moment — and in the UK, the scent has been on sale at Harrod's for a week and has already raked in £360,000 — which is $560,00 — as in over HALF A MILLION. In one week. This number includes pre-orders, aka… »9/06/13 10:50am9/06/13 10:50am

Clinically Depressed Rob Pattinson Cavorts With Models in New Dior Ad

The man lies, fully clothed, impeccably dressed, in a a bathtub. His chiseled jaw is set. Square. Granite. He takes a deep drag from an almost-finished cigarette. She removes it from his lips, finishes it off. The apartment isn't his. Or hers, for that matter. But he thought it would be fun. To sneak in, hang out,… »9/04/13 11:50am9/04/13 11:50am

Artists Combine Every Single New Fragrance From 2012 to Create Monster Scent

Did you know that nearly 1400 fragrances were launched in 2012? Do we really need that many new artificial scents added to a market already saturated in stink? It's ridiculous and also kind of gross. As a comment on that, Dutch artists Lernert and Sander have collected samples of those fragrances and combined them to… »2/28/13 10:00am2/28/13 10:00am

European Perfume Makers Are Fretting About Proposed Restrictions on Allergens

If the big, bad EU lawmakers in Brussels — glutted with government-issued waffles and chocolate — have their way, perfumed Europeans might have to wait until they swaddle themselves in a blanket of tree moss during a jaunt in the Dolomites before they realize that they have skin-scourging allergy to tree moss. That's… »12/16/12 3:30pm12/16/12 3:30pm

Elle Fanning Plays a Coy Wood Nymph for Lolita Lempicka Perfume

14-year-old Elle Fanning, actress and sister to Dakota, is now the face of Lolita Lempicka, the fragrance by the French designer of the same name. Lempicka's legal name is Josiane Maryse Pividal, but she began working under the pseudonym as an homage to Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita, the 1950s novel chronicling a… »9/21/12 6:00pm9/21/12 6:00pm

Lady Gaga Is Naked and Crawling with Men in New Perfume Ad

Known for her headline-making costumes, Lady Gaga didn't disappoint with her attire for her poster for her new fragrance Fame. In the ad, shot by Steven Klein, a naked Gaga's lady bits are covered by tiny, muscular, masked men in designer jock straps who are climbing her body. Described as "The First Ever Black Eau de… »7/17/12 10:20am7/17/12 10:20am