Dame Vivienne Westwood Held a For-Real Protest at London Fashion Week

It was just a year ago that Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the Chanel runway in a “feminist protest,” carrying picket signs with dumb slogans like “Be Your Own Stylist” that meant virtually nada other than co-optation for a trend. And it was just Sunday that Dame Vivienne Westwood, who has spent a good amount of the… »9/21/15 9:30am9/21/15 9:30am


Vivienne Westwood Glamorously Rides Tank to Protest Fracking

Vivienne Westwood made an unforgettable entrance when she arrived at the home of British Prime Minister David Cameron to protest fracking. Escorted by people in camouflage gear, the fashion designer rolled up in a white armored personnel carrier to join other protesters who wore gas masks. “We are here to poison the… »9/13/15 3:30pm9/13/15 3:30pm

Punk Queen Vivienne Westwood Holds Mad Max-Style Anti-Fracking Protest

Fashion designer/punk icon/lifelong activist Dame Vivienne Westwood half-asses nothing, so when she staged her brilliant protest against fracking in London yesterday, it was replete with post-apocalyptic zombie models on stilts, presumably examples of what we will become in a fracking world. She also carried a… »4/28/15 12:30pm4/28/15 12:30pm

​Disney Indoctrinating Ohio Kids With The Gospel Of Fracking [Updated]

The Axis Powers of Disney, the oil industry, and pop music have joined forces to launch a campaign to brainwash the children of Ohio's public school system into supporting the practices of the oil and gas industry of Ohio. Because you can do anything if you have a dream, a shit ton of oil money, and an excess of… »1/10/14 9:20am1/10/14 9:20am