Fox News Has Crazy New Idea of Putting 4 Women on One News Show

Fox News announced today that the news network of choice for the hate-poisoned elderly will soon be launching an innovative new show called which will feature four female panelists and — wait for the twist, guys; it's so good! — ONE DUDE. It's called "Outnumbered" and it will for sure be a gigantic leap forward for… » 4/16/14 6:30pm Wednesday 6:30pm

The Daily Show Reminds You That Everyone Dies in the Story of Noah

The movie Noah has stirred up all kinds of hubbub over whether it's "Biblically accurate" or a godless Hollywood perversion of the almighty word of God. However, The Daily Show makes a good point: It would appear some critics aren't going off the King James or New International versions, but rather their rosy memories of … » 4/09/14 11:40am 4/09/14 11:40am

'Women Get Paid Exactly What They're Worth' According to Fox News Host

Fox News host Martha MacCallum, speaking on behalf of all women, said on her show that women actually don't want the government to create policies that ensure equal pay for equal work because women are already earning "exactly what they're worth." » 1/31/14 12:40pm 1/31/14 12:40pm

Bill O’Reilly Terrorized Another Female Fox News Staffer

Women might want to think twice before working for Bill O’Reilly. According to Gabriel Sherman’s new book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, the top Fox News anchor grew so enraged at a female producer after a botched segment in 2003 that, in order to defuse the situation, “a senior Fox executive” intervened and escorted… » 1/12/14 3:59pm 1/12/14 3:59pm

Cast of Duck Dynasty 'Learned a Lot' from Phil Robertson Scandal

While the controversy surrounding the racist and homophobic remarks made by Duck Dynasty's king beard Phil Robertson has continued to grow over the past few weeks, no comment had been made by the Robertson family until late Tuesday night when Robertson's son Willie appeared on Fox News' "All-American New Year" special… » 1/02/14 11:15am 1/02/14 11:15am

I Watched The Fox And Friends Christmas Special To Save You From It

Merry Christmas! How did you celebrate your Christmas Eve? Well, the good folks at Fox News spent theirs by sneaking in a gloriously overstuffed "Christmas Special" chock full of lots of reminders that CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT JESUS GODDAMMIT. And I sat through it, just because I love you, OK? » 12/25/13 1:30pm 12/25/13 1:30pm

Black Santa Fought White Santa on the WWE and Won

I don't know whether this brings the pseudo-debate about whether Santa is white or black to a close, but last night on the WWE, a black Santa Claus ("Good Santa") fought a white Santa Claus ("Bad Santa") and the black Santa won. I dunno — considering how the WWE is about as legitimate as Fox News and their supposed War on … » 12/24/13 7:00pm 12/24/13 7:00pm

Megyn Kelly Says White Santa Backlash Is Nothing But Race-Baiting

Remember last week when Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly insisted that Santa Claus was white? Well, it turns out that we should have been laughing this entire time because her comments were actually just a very well-constructed, not at all flawed and totally hilarious joke. Way to miss the punchline, IDIOTS. » 12/16/13 11:50am 12/16/13 11:50am

Jon Stewart's Megyn Kelly Takedown Is So, So Good

Fox News sure is determined to fight this War on Christmas, huh? Currently on the front lines, we have Gretchen Carlson who is just furious about a Festivus pole that's on display at the Florida State Capitol (as someone whose non-religious family never really celebrated Christmas when I was growing up, I am thrilled… » 12/13/13 11:30am 12/13/13 11:30am

Suzanne Venker Tells Female Fox Anchor to Quit and Squirt Out Babies

Over the weekend, Fox News invited perennial troll-blossom Suzanne Venker on to talk with Tucker Carlson, Clayton Morris, and Anna Kooiman about her latest editorial, "Why Women Still Need Husbands." (Short answer: Because wombs.) » 12/09/13 3:30pm 12/09/13 3:30pm