Mother-Daughter Team Allegedly Conned Millions Out of Tree Farm Heir

Buckle up, this is a weird one: an Oregon psychic and her daughter are both facing jail time for a decade-long scheme in which they conned the elderly heir to a tree farm fortune out of millions of dollars. Among other things, they managed to convinced Ralph Raines Jr. that he had fathered a son named "Giorgio Armani"… » 1/08/15 2:50pm 1/08/15 2:50pm

Quit Washing Your Jeans So Much, Says the CEO of Levi's

It's no secret that jeans can go for a remarkably long time without a visit to the washing machine, but some of us are perhaps just a little ashamed of how long we'll wear the same pair. Luckily for the slobs out there, the CEO of Levi's has personally blessed our "Eh, it'll go another week" approach. » 5/21/14 11:20am 5/21/14 11:20am