The 'Breast is Best' Policy and Why Breastfeeding Should Receive the Same Kind of Medical Attention as Erectile Dysfunction

Typically when a woman experiences difficulty with breastfeeding she's told to keep working at it because she's probably just doing it wrong. After all, it's what her body is meant to do. But our bodies are meant to do a lot of things—like produce insulin, eat peanuts, or get pregnant—that they sometimes can't. Why do… »1/03/13 5:00pm1/03/13 5:00pm

Chicago’s ‘Milk Ladies’ Are Still Delivering Formula After 30 Years

The so-called "milk ladies," the founders of a nonprofit group based in Winnekta, Illinois, have made it their mission for the past 30 years to deliver cases of brand-name formula to Chicago mothers who cannot afford to feed their children. Infant Inc., the official name of the milk ladies' nonprofit, also delivers… »9/09/12 1:30pm9/09/12 1:30pm

How Restrictive Is New York’s Breastfeeding Programme, Really?

Since news came out that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York state officials would be pushing an array of initiatives aimed at encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies, a lot of women who don't appreciate being told how to raise their kids voiced their discontent. The city's push, it seemed, was… »8/01/12 9:15pm8/01/12 9:15pm

New York City Will Encourage Moms to Breastfeed by Locking Up All the Formula

Breastfeeding, according to all the trendiest news stories, is the best thing ever — it turns your baby into a super genius with a brain the size of a mutated cantaloupe and all but ensures that child's eventual acceptance into an elite university, either Oxford or the Sorbonne, but maybe Harvard as a back-up. There… »7/29/12 8:00pm7/29/12 8:00pm

Breastfeeding Gestapo Moves to Ban Free Formula Samples from Hospitals

When you deliver a baby in a hospital you get a nice big swag bag of supplies to take home with you. Mine contained swaddle blankets, diapers, Vaseline, a baby brush, a nasal aspirator, giant maxi pads, mesh panties, nipples, and baby formula. But the consumer advocate group Public Citizen takes exception to the… »4/11/12 11:40am4/11/12 11:40am

Baby Formula: The Next Frontier in Arsenic's Battle to Exterminate Us

We already knew that rice was trying to kill us with its deadly arsenic, but now the situation is looking even more dire. A new study done at Dartmouth has found that organic brown rice syrup—a sweetener which you may recognize from any number of organic snacks—is also a source of arsenic. This isn't that surprising,… »2/16/12 11:55pm2/16/12 11:55pm