Bank Forecloses on Dina Lohan's Home… Again

Dina Lohan isn't having a great September. It turns out that just before she was popped for a DUI last week, her mortgage lender had started foreclosure proceedings on her $1.3 million Long Island home, citing that she "has failed to comply with the conditions of the mortgage…by failing to pay portions of principal,… » 9/20/13 2:00pm 9/20/13 2:00pm

Worst Day at Work Ever: Real Estate Agent Walks Into House and Finds a…

Last month, a Milwaukee county employee walked into a house that had been repossessed because of a tax foreclosure and found a very disturbing sight: a dead body. It turned out to be the former home owner, David Carter, who had been in the dead in the house since 2007. Yikes. His body was "nearly skeletonized," and… » 2/07/12 9:30am 2/07/12 9:30am