Some Black Models To Watch

Modeling agency Ford did a promotional shoot featuring all of its black models — including women from all of its various divisions, straight- and plus-size — and some behind-the-scenes snapshots have leaked. (The photos are obviously not top quality, but we've reached out to Ford and hope to publish the final shots.) » 7/13/11 1:30pm 7/13/11 1:30pm

Amber Rose Switches Agencies

Amber Rose just signed with Ford Models, the agency that represents such stars as Lakshmi Menon and Chanel Iman. Rose told Smooth magazine that she started modeling in rap videos after met "this lady from Def Jam." [Derek Blasberg's Twitter] » 6/10/09 2:30pm 6/10/09 2:30pm

In Time-Honored Brit Tradition, Peaches Geldof Becomes TV Presenter

  • So now that British It girl Peaches Geldof is a 19-year-old married lady, she needs a grown-up job! Hence: host of the new Nylon TV, obvs. "She's partnered with Cory Kennedy to host the 90210 feature in honor of the Nylon's first ever TV issue." [Fashionista]
  • Viktor & Rolf speak as one (no, they do), believe in the…
» 8/26/08 11:30am 8/26/08 11:30am

The President Of Ford Models Speaks, We Provide A Translation

John Caplan, the president of Ford Models, "answered" reader questions on the New York Times' "Freakonomics" blog today, and the answers smelled strongly of bullshit. As in doublespeak, carefully chosen words and avoidance. He may be snooty and tip-toeing around certain issues just because he is representing Ford, but he's … » 9/14/07 3:30pm 9/14/07 3:30pm