New Site Tracks How Many Days Have Passed Since a Republican Said…

If my 2012 self could visit my 2008 self, 2012 self wouldn't have the heart to tell 2008 self that in the years 2011-2012, there's going to be a whole lot of really depressing rape-mansplaining from the GOP. 2008 self would also be devastated to know that the problem has gotten so gigantic and stupid that a website… » 10/25/12 4:30pm 10/25/12 4:30pm

Republicans Give Up On "Forcible Rape," But Bill Still Sucks

To avoid an awkward House floor debate on redefining rape, Republicans have quietly removed the phrase "forcible rape" from their abortion fund-restricting bill. Not before The Daily Show mocked them, though! Alas, this doesn't change the remaining bill's essential terribleness. » 2/03/11 9:51am 2/03/11 9:51am

Don't Let The Right Wing Redefine Rape

Congressional Republicans have introduced a bill that would allow women using government money to receive an abortion only in the event of forcible rape. This is bullshit, and we should fight this on all fronts, including Twitter. » 1/30/11 3:10pm 1/30/11 3:10pm