Woman Sterilized Against Her Will Awaits Reparations

In 1968, Elaine Riddick was sterilized against her will after a c-section to deliver her first and only child. She was just fourteen years old. Now she's fighting to receive compensation as a victim of North Carolina's Eugenics Board, which sterilized thousands of women, disproportionately black, on such grounds as… » 8/15/11 4:45pm 8/15/11 4:45pm

Why Was Tessa Savicki Forcibly Sterilized When She Asked For Birth…

Tessa Savicki wanted to take control of her reproductive life. On December 19th, 2006, Savicki instructed doctors to insert an IUD after she delivered her ninth child. Instead, the doctors elected to forcibly sterilize her on the operating table. » 1/05/10 1:00pm 1/05/10 1:00pm