No, Marc Jacobs. Stop This Male Flip-Flop Travesty Right This Second.

In the past few years, fashion has made way for the pool slide, the Birkenstock, the Teva. Fashion has even given credence to the flatform flip-flop, an iffy selection at best but defensible given the context of ‘90s and ‘00s revivalism. But Marc Jacobs, in his latest Spring 2016 Men’s Collection, has taken the fugly… » 6/22/15 6:10pm 6/22/15 6:10pm

New Croc Monstrosities Are Coming Because Crocs Will Never Go Away

Crocs, Inc., the company responsible for those ugly porous foot holders for shoe-resistant people, has been floundering lately. Things have changed a lot since 2007, when the world populace lined up to place their appendages into lightweight clogs — but now, as Crocs, Inc. wheezes helplessly, a charitable figure has… » 12/31/13 12:20pm 12/31/13 12:20pm

Using Jesus, Defiant High Heel-Wearing Woman Defeats Arthritis

Women wear heels for many reasons — to look long-legged, to stand at eye level with taller men, because they have Barbie feet. I, for one, wear heels so that if I'm attacked while walking to or from the train, my footwear can double as a weapon, plus, "My goodness gracious, how do you not break your neck?" is a great… » 10/03/11 4:45pm 10/03/11 4:45pm

Where Is The Shoe That Could Unite American Women?

Yesterday Mitt Romney, political mastermind that he is, visited the headquarters — I was going to write "factory"; joke's on me! — of the New Hampshire-based boot company Timberland, and he left without picking up a pair. He had no time! And yes, he is losing, McCain is winning and Bill Clinton is hastening the ascent… » 1/08/08 6:00pm 1/08/08 6:00pm

Marc Jacobs Shoes: A Step In The Wrong Direction

In Marc Jacobs' collection for spring 2008, the designer showed clothes with shoes that were a wee bit unusual. Yesterday, Erin Kelly described them in the Daily Mail: "A chunky, four-inch heel nestles horizontally just under the ball of the foot. Where you'd expect a heel, there is nothing but fresh air." The shoes,… » 9/25/07 10:00am 9/25/07 10:00am