Missouri Republican Wants to Ban Food Stamp Users from Buying Steak

Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin, who’s presumably run out of every other better thing to do, is sponsoring legislation that would prevent people receiving food stamps from buying “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood or steak.” He’s already admitted the bill might need “tweaking” to permit… »4/03/15 3:30pm4/03/15 3:30pm

Pol: Spy On Food Stamp Users to Make Sure They're Acting Poor Enough

There's nothing Tea Party freshman and ace troll Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin hates more than a handout: he's vocal on his feelings that welfare is "a bribe not to work that hard" and that food stamp programs "encourage sloth." Now Grothman is reportedly encouraging his constituents to ask a few hard questions of… »2/25/15 10:10am2/25/15 10:10am

Idiot Wants to Abolish Food Stamps Because No One Is THAT Hungry

Have you ever met a person who says something so backwards that you have to double check to make sure they even knew what they said? Meet Forbes columnist John Tamny, who told Jessica Williams of The Daily Show that he'd abolish food stamps and create something like food stamps all in the same interview. »12/18/13 4:45pm12/18/13 4:45pm

This Is the Week the US Government Told Poor Women to Fuck Off

Know what's even scarier than stumbling into a Walgreens at 3 am and witnessing a woman dressed as Miley Cyrus puking on a guy dressed up as Jesse Pinkman as a muzakal rendition of Silent Night plays over the loudspeaker? What conservatives in the government are doing — and have done — to low income women this week.… »11/01/13 4:20pm11/01/13 4:20pm

For Thanksgiving, Some Heavy News For Reflection And Fluff For Dessert

  • Armed gunman in India today attacked 7 different sites in Mumbai in a reported attempt to kill as many Americans and Brits as possible, not that they spared any Indians while they were killing. At least 78 people lost their lives. [Huffington Post]
  • In addition, the FBI has information that al Qaeda may have discussed…
  • »11/26/08 6:30pm11/26/08 6:30pm

Really Important Debate: Does Barack Obama Bowling Like A Fag Mean He Is One?

Americans! We are not exactly not known for excess! But on this, the first of April, perhaps it is time to start a national IM dialogue on whether we have finally somewhat overdosed on the absurdity! For instance, the government is supposed to spend $1.6 trillion on weapons with names borrowed from the Twilight Zone »4/01/08 10:00am4/01/08 10:00am