Health Dept. Won't Reveal Which Salad Mix Brand Is Making People Barf

There's a bad batch of salad mix going around right now — over 350 people have gotten sick in 15 different states — but we, the public, have no idea which brand of salad mix is to blame. And there's a law making sure we don't find out. » 8/01/13 3:50pm 8/01/13 3:50pm

Vegetarians Have Lower Rates of Heart Disease But First They Have to…

You've heard this before: Being a vegetarian is good for you. But a new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition really hammers home what leaving meat out of your diet can do. There were 44 thousand people in the study, and researchers found that vegetarians have a "32% lower heart disease risk than … » 2/04/13 12:50pm 2/04/13 12:50pm