Here's a Cool Photo of Paula Deen's Son in Brownface

Last year, celebrity chef and cruise ship host Paula Deen told Matt Lauer she had “learned so much” after being called out for the racist remarks she’s made in the past. But it’s apparently taken her less than a year to forget those lessons, because today she tweeted this #TransformationTuesday photo of her and her… »7/07/15 11:55am7/07/15 11:55am


The Food Network's New, Improved App Is Effing Amazing

Earlier this month, the Food Network released a new, improved version of its app that promises to allow users to create their own grocery lists, search via ingredient or preferred chef, and basically allow your phone to live the 1950's dream kitchen fantasy, minus the circle skirt color coordinated with the countertop. »7/28/14 11:30am7/28/14 11:30am