Frozen Food Master Quits Over Unhealthy Children's Meal

After 1,000 microwave meals and 700 episodes of his popular YouTube series, Freezerburn, frozen food guru Gregory Ng has peeled back his last plastic film and slipped the sleeve off of his final Hot Pocket. The self-appointed Frozen Food Master abruptly quit on-camera in the middle of a review last Friday over an… » 9/03/14 5:45pm 9/03/14 5:45pm

The Five Articles You Read About Fashion Week

It's fashion week. And our vocabulary for talking about it is, it turns out, rather limited. Have you noticed the same stories popping up, season after season? Editors keep assigning them, and while the names may change, the narrative does not. Here's a field guide — and an argument for finding new ways to think about… » 9/07/12 2:10pm 9/07/12 2:10pm

How Kids Get Moms To Buy Unhealthy Foods

A group of scientists, who seem to have never spent time with young children, conducted a study to find out why parents end up buying junk food even if they know it's bad for their kids. Apparently there's this thing called "nagging" and children are quite adept at using it to get Lucky Charms into the shopping cart. » 8/15/11 10:15pm 8/15/11 10:15pm

Your Body's Marijuana-Like Chemicals Made You Eat All Those Chips

The ad slogan "Bet you can't eat just one" is pretty accurate — and not because Lay's potato chips are particularly delicious. A new study found that the fats in foods like chips and french fries make the body produce a chemical with qualities similar to marijuana that give people a case of what's technically known as… » 7/04/11 9:11pm 7/04/11 9:11pm