Gluttonous Puppy Adorably Defends Food Dish from a Duck

Instead of filming this selfish, food-hoarding behavior, — which is admittedly adorable — this dog's overlords should probably be creating a more peaceable animal kingdom by teaching the dog how to share with other species, even when they have a terrifying red face like this duck. The dog is white so I'm going to go… »3/25/12 1:30pm3/25/12 1:30pm


F.D.A. May Add Warning Labels To Foods With Artificial Colorings

There's a possibility that brightly-colored staples of the American child's diet, including Jell-O, Froot Loops, and Pop-Tarts will now come with a warning. The New York Times reports that the F.D.A. has asked a panel to review evidence on the link between artificial colorings and health problems in children. »3/30/11 10:06am3/30/11 10:06am