You May Be Ordering Seamless From a Restaurant That Doesn't Actually Exist

Next time you order mediocre drunken noodles from that generic-sounding restaurant that pops up first when you type “Thai” into the Seamless search bar, you should know that you may receive mediocre drunken noodles from a different generic-sounding Thai restaurant altogether—and that the one you ordered from may not… »11/11/15 10:00pm11/11/15 10:00pm

No, It Is Certainly Not Time to Stop Eating Fucking Salad

Ranch dressing is dumb. Croutons are bad mojo. Shredded cheddar cheese is offensive. A coupla barely ripe tomato wedges are a travesty. Shaved carrots are a slap in the face. Simply tossing these things atop a pile of listless iceberg does not a good salad make. This is the argument being made by Tamar Haspel at the … »8/31/15 5:00pm8/31/15 5:00pm

Wherein Picking a Wedding Caterer Becomes an Expensive Identity Crisis

Last week I officially passed the “one year left” mark on my wedding planning calendar. Between celebrating and freaking out, I realized I had to get to work on the Next Big Thing on my planning to-do list: Finding a caterer. My mother was insistent. My dad, resolute: “There has to be food!” »7/23/15 10:55am7/23/15 10:55am

The Best Way to Kick Your Seamless Addiction? Embrace It

Last summer, I made a vow to myself and my friend Jewel. I was going to curb my dependency on Seamless and get back into the habit of cooking. The plan was to stock up on groceries, experiment with meals and experience the alleged adult joy of making my own nourishment through the beautiful and complicated alchemy of… »7/06/15 4:15pm7/06/15 4:15pm