Dear Hillary Clinton: Pls Explain What 'Plumpy'nut?' and the Rest of This Deranged List Means. Thx

Today, another load of Clinton emails were wet-heaved onto the internet. Most of them are banal. Many of them are nonsensical without context. And at least one of the trove of Hillary emails reads like the grocery lists of a mad scientist dabbling in mad diplomacy. It confuses and delights me. »10/30/15 4:58pm10/30/15 4:58pm


Hillary Clinton Says She Has Turned Over Work-Related Emails To State

Hillary Clinton certified that she had officially turned all of her work-related e-mails during her tenure as secretary of state into the State Department, according to a CNN report. The move follows a freedom of information lawsuit from the conservative organization Judicial Watch about the work status of former… »8/09/15 9:00pm8/09/15 9:00pm