Some Women Actually Don’t Want You to Give Them Flowers, OK?

I know it’s hard for some factions of the universe to accept, but not all women are into jewelry. Not all women cream themselves over the very mention of chocolate, either. And some women wouldn’t even know what to do if their intended showed up on their doorstep clutching a $4.99 bouquet from Trader Joe’s, ostensibly… »5/31/15 12:45pm5/31/15 12:45pm

Watch This Guy Physically Prevent His Date From Catching the Bouquet

I’m not trying to brag here, but I have caught the bouquet at a wedding three times in my life. In fact, I was so aggressive in catching it that I once almost crushed a kid (the only other one competing) in my need to win. But the guy in this video had a very different reaction to a bouquet coming his way. »5/20/15 7:05pm5/20/15 7:05pm

ProFlowers Delivers Sparse-Ass Bouquets Instead of Lush Pictured Flowers

There are some angry people out there this Valentine's Day, thanks to ProFlowers delivering some jankity bouquets. Unless there's a beautiful arrangement hidden inside an ugly-ass facade — kinda like the old man on Scooby Doo? — ProFlowers has some explaining to do. Of course, these might just be anomalies on the… »2/15/13 12:00am2/15/13 12:00am

Rhode Island Flower Shops Sued for Refusing to Deliver Flowers to Teenage Atheist

After Jessica Ahlquist, unabashed teenage atheist and crusader against bullshit, successfully sued her Rhode Island high school to take its prayer mural taken down last January, we hoped that she'd be able to take her $40,000 scholarship and ride off triumphantly into college sunset, confident that she'd be equipped… »2/03/13 3:30pm2/03/13 3:30pm

Founder of Mother's Day Wishes You Would Stop With All the Flowers and Cards

Anna Jarvis founded Mother's Day in 1914 as an effort to honor her mother, who'd founded a Mother's Friendship Day during the Civil War as a way to foster peace. Jarvis had included white carnations in the first unofficial celebration of Mother's Day she'd organized in 1908, and florists, seeing an opportunity for… »5/13/12 11:15pm5/13/12 11:15pm

Philadelphia Flower Show Marred by Appearance of the Dreaded Man-Cave

Over the past week, Philadelphia, the city of steaks and the cheeses who love them, hosted the most venerable indoor flower show in all the land. That is, it had been the most venerable flower show in all the land until this year when somebody decided that what would really propel the event into the 21st century was a… »3/11/12 8:00pm3/11/12 8:00pm

Florists Deliver A Total Shitshow Instead of Pretty Bouquets

If you didn't get any flowers this year for Valentine's Day, don't take it personally just yet. Turns out there's some serious chaos happening at all the major flower retailers, and it's already ruined a lot of people's Valentine's Days. It's probably a wasteland out there of scolded spouses, awkward evenings, and… »2/14/12 11:55pm2/14/12 11:55pm