Should You Fuck Tim Tebow?

It's a fair question! The Denver Broncos' mission-tripping, orphan-loving, foreskin-snipping, prisoner-inspiring, anti-choice-crusading, eye black-preaching, pre-game and post-touchdown-praying quarterback is, in addition to all of the aforementioned qualifications for sainthood, a man. A man who is purportedly a… » 12/15/11 1:50pm 12/15/11 1:50pm

This Is How I Flirt

Well, not specifically how I flirt, because I don't really flirt. Or maybe I do flirt, and I'm so crappy at flirting that I don't even know when I'm being flirtatious! Maybe all of us who declare that we're non-flirters are just really bad flirters, flirting in the dark. Also, if you type flirt too many times in a… » 9/30/11 10:25am 9/30/11 10:25am

A Graphical Analysis Of Those Who Forgot About Dre

Pop Chart Lab brings us an illustrated flowchart about all the haters who Forgot About Dre. What, you think he turned pop and the firm flopped? Y'all are the reason Dre ain't been gettin' no sleep. » 6/03/11 4:50pm 6/03/11 4:50pm

Flowchart Breaks Down The Hierarchy Of Annoying Roommates

This handy flowchart (click to enlarge) predicts whether you'll irritate your roommate by having noisy sex, failing to pick up after yourself, or stealing his or her groceries. Note: Failing to annoy your roommate in any way isn't really possible. » 9/13/10 12:08pm 9/13/10 12:08pm