Florida's Staggeringly Batshit Anti-Abortion Bill

Perhaps you've heard of this case called Roe v. Wade, which affirmed that women have the right to seek an abortion until a fetus is viable. Florida legislators are aware of the ruling, but since they don't agree with it, they've introduced a bill that blatantly violates the decision. The near-total ban on abortion in… »1/06/12 1:40pm1/06/12 1:40pm

Arson May Be Cause Of Florida Abortion Clinic Fire

Early on Sunday morning while people were still celebrating the new year, a fire spread through a Florida abortion clinic, entirely gutting the building. Authorities have yet to turn up evidence that the building was purposely set on fire, but the clinic has been the target of violence over the years, and it seems… »1/03/12 11:45am1/03/12 11:45am

Florida Passes New Bills To Destroy Reproductive Rights

Jumping on the national trend of attacking women's reproductive rights, Republican lawmakers in Florida are pushing a record number of bills that aim to restrict abortions. Just yesterday, two measures that prohibit abortion rights were approved by the Florida Senate Health Policy Committee, according to The Palm… »3/15/11 11:48am3/15/11 11:48am