Jeb Bush Not Happy for Gorgeous, Legally Wedded Lesbians 

Jeb Bush is making all the noises necessary to run for president, which as a Republican nominee means suddenly coming out as sternly anti-gay. In an interview with the Miami Herald this weekend, he said he was disappointed a Florida state court had ruled to allow gay marriage. In 2012, Jeb suggested gay parents could… » 1/05/15 6:00pm 1/05/15 6:00pm

Relatable Pre-Teen Takes $1300 Cab from Arkansas to Florida For a Boy

A daring and resourceful pre-teen in Arkansas gave her family the shock of their lives when she disappeared in the middle of the night. While Alexis Waller's parents frantically got in touch with police after finding a note from Alexis explaining she had run away, the 11-year-old was sitting in a cab on her way to… » 12/13/14 6:46pm 12/13/14 6:46pm

Florida For-Profit College Allegedly Recruited Students with Strippers

Though it reads sort of like B-roll from that SNL sketch where Fred Armisen is like "YOU GOTTA LEARN COMPUTER," this is actually a 15-second promo spot for the now-defunct FastTrain chain of for-profit colleges, which at its peak operated seven campuses across Florida by way of—according to federal and state… » 12/04/14 11:30am 12/04/14 11:30am

Florida to Allow Holiday Monument to Satan in State Capitol

Hail and ho ho ho Satan! After a protracted fight with the state officials, the Satanic Temple will be allowed to put up a holiday display in Florida's state capitol building, depicting an angel plummeting into a lake of fire. It's the same holiday display that Florida's Department of Management Services rejected last… » 12/03/14 7:45pm 12/03/14 7:45pm

Campus Newspaper Responds to President's Tone-Deaf Letter About Rape

On Tuesday we told you about Eckerd College President Donald Eastman's rather regrettable letter to the student body, which suggested that sexual harassment and sexual assault might be avoided if the students could simply cut back on their drinking and casual sexing. The editors of the Current, the campus newspaper,… » 11/26/14 1:50pm 11/26/14 1:50pm

The Satanic Temple Demands a Holiday Display at the Florida Capitol

Chalk it up to their special relationship with Lucifer, but nobody trolls like the Satanists. For their latest trick, they're trying to get a special seasonal display installed at the Florida Capitol, depicting an angel falling from Heaven into the fiery pit. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Hail, Satan! » 11/25/14 4:15pm 11/25/14 4:15pm