Potentially good news for Flight of the Conchords fans (i.e. Mel): Murray put the budget together and it looks like the band might be able to tour the U.S. later this year. Keep an eye out to see when Brett and Jemaine are coming to a band rotunda near you. » 1/29/15 2:00pm 1/29/15 2:00pm

Flight of the Conchords Team Up with Adorable, Tiny Kids to Raise Money…

Well, hey there, Brett and Jemaine! It's been awhile since we've seen the two of you together and I must say that you're both looking as dashing as ever. And what's that? You're sitting around with adorable little kids and asking them to help you write a song to help benefit ill children? You know, I knew there was… » 8/27/12 7:15pm 8/27/12 7:15pm

Flight Of The Conchords Movie Coming Soon, If You're Into It

FOTC's Bret McKenzie contributed to the Muppet movie soundtrack and such, he's been going on a recent press tour. He had this to say about FOTC's future: "We're gonna try and do a movie. We just need a story." [Collider] » 11/28/11 4:40pm 11/28/11 4:40pm

DKNY, In Which We All Wish To Be Air Hostesses In The '60s

Welcome to fashion week, easy dichotomy edition. Let me lay this on you: You're probably either a scarf person or you're not. DKNY's spring collection is definitely for that first category of woman. » 9/13/10 1:50pm 9/13/10 1:50pm

Will Flight Of The Conchords Return For Third Season?

According to Jemaine Clement, in an interview for Austin360, "We've said no, but I don't know if anyone was listening. I think people might just ignore us and force us into it." But is he joking? » 9/24/09 1:20pm 9/24/09 1:20pm

Flight Of The Conchords Tell Us That They're Freaky

On last night's episode, Bret went on a date, and told the girl he was "freaky," and then listed all the things he'd do with her, sexually. Girls everywhere swoon. » 3/16/09 1:40pm 3/16/09 1:40pm

Flight Of The Conchords And The Art Of "Garfunkeling"

On last night's FOTC, Bret and Jemaine got a gig impersonating Simon & Garfunkel. One Garfunkel-obsessed fan asked Jemaine out, and forced him to have sex with his costume still on. She called it "Garfunkeling." » 3/02/09 7:00pm 3/02/09 7:00pm

Flight Of The Conchords Talk To The NYT Magazine

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clemet will appear in the NY Times Magazine this Sunday, telling interviewer Deborah Solomon what it's like living in New York, and what they think of Obama's stimulus package. » 2/25/09 4:40pm 2/25/09 4:40pm

Flight Of The Conchords Are "Both In Love With A Sexy Lady"

On last night's episode, Jemaine and Bret fell in love with Brahbrah - played by Kristen Wiig - a woman with an epileptic dog. Their situation inspired this song, much like R. Kelly and Usher's "Same Girl." » 2/23/09 7:00pm 2/23/09 7:00pm

Michel Gondry Directs Flight Of The Conchords

Famed music video director turned Academy Award-winning screenwriter Michel Gondry took the helm of last night's episode of FOTC, and his flair for mise-en-scène was evident in this song about Jemaine's ex-girlfriends. » 2/16/09 2:20pm 2/16/09 2:20pm

Rappers Are Vincible, Not Invincible

On last night's episode of FOTC, Bret publicly dissed every rapper he could think of while playing a gig at a library. It wasn't until later that he took their feelings into account. » 2/02/09 11:00am 2/02/09 11:00am

Michael Phelps: Swims Like A Fish, Smokes Like A Phishhead

Flight Of The Conchords: Jemaine Becomes A Prostitute

On last night's episode, Jemaine decided to become a prostitute after the band had to sell their instruments when they ran into financial peril due to the purchase of a $2.79 cup. » 1/26/09 11:20am 1/26/09 11:20am

Flight Of The Conchords Is In Favor Of Feminine Dental Care

Last night, Bret and Jemaine returned for a new season with a new gig... writing a jingle for an all natural and organic toothpaste for women. » 1/19/09 1:20pm 1/19/09 1:20pm

Kristen Schaal Designs Her Own Esquire Photo Shoot

Flight of the Conchords returns tonight, giving us another season of hilarious, awkward, and brilliant musical comedy. And though we all love Bret and Jemaine, perhaps crazy FOTC fan Mel deserves a little love, too. » 1/18/09 12:30pm 1/18/09 12:30pm

Calling all Flight of the Conchords enthusiasts! The show is having a contest to see who can do the best lip dub to "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros," and the winners will get their masterpieces shown on HBO. Click on Brett and Jemaine for the original "Hiphopopotamus" vid! » 12/11/08 12:20pm 12/11/08 12:20pm