Old Fart Known as Gene Simmons Wants Women to Quit Depending on Men

It seems like Gene Simmons, aka The Demon from Kiss, aka an old fart that has been lingering in the air since 1982 has realized that after his lengthy career as a rock god and a much shorter career as a reality TV star, he is edging closer to cultural irrelevancy. So, the man wrote a book, and boy, he's got some… »10/26/14 4:15pm10/26/14 4:15pm

Video Of Figure Skater Farting Is Gross, Hilarious, Graceful

Figure skating is a beautiful graceful sport that I wish I had picked up when i was just a tiny Russian who had not yet discovered the power of video games. It is an amazing spectacle that mixes physical artistry, beautiful music, and amazing costumes that I would wear on the regular if I could afford them/fit into… »2/15/14 3:00pm2/15/14 3:00pm

Celebrity Rehab: Mary Carey Engages In A Different Kind Of Butt Play

Celebrity rehab is a kind of grave topic for a reality show, but leave it to porn star/former-gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey to provide the comic relief. On the first episode, her bags were searched and she had adult movies, vibrators, dildos, and a mold of her vagina confiscated (she brought that last one as a… »1/18/08 4:40pm1/18/08 4:40pm