Goldie Hawn Thinks Getting Older and Kurt Russell Are Both Great

In an interview with Porter, Goldie Hawn talked about getting older, staying happy, and her marriage-free romance with Kurt Russell. The 69-year-old actress (who has not been in a movie since 2002’s The Banger Sisters) said aging is merely a “fact of life” and that the “key to happiness is all about perspective.”
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Oprah: Jennifer Aniston Explains Why Angelina Is "Uncool"

Jennifer Aniston was on Oprah »11/13/08 7:00pm11/13/08 7:00pm today to promote her new film (which opens the same day as Brad Pitt's ), and Oprah dove right into talking about Jennifer's cover and interview. Jen said that the cover's quote about Angelina Jolie wasn't completely accurate, but that yes, she felt that some of the shit that Angelina…