The Best Time My Bosses Teamed Up to Find Me a Chinese Fiancé

My first date with Cai involved a lot of tongue. Not the fun kind—like, a literal plate of seasoned duck tongues on the table between us. But that wasn't the weirdest part of our date, because I swear duck tongues are delicious. The weirdest part was my coworkers, all gathered together at another table, watching us. »4/14/15 1:50pm4/14/15 1:50pm


I Was No Tourist: My Travels Through Tokyo's Sex Underworld

After Tokyo’s bubble economy burst, the Roppongi district—once an upmarket quarter with exclusive nightlife—became known for its massage parlors and sex clubs, largely staffed by foreigners. It was here that I found myself, one steamy August night, sitting in a darkened strip joint while the police knocked on the door. »4/07/15 12:10pm4/07/15 12:10pm

One Woman's Dangerous War Against the Most Hated Man on the Internet

I felt like Will Smith in "Enemy of the State." I was being hunted, harassed and stalked by criminals with technological expertise. I had been thrust into an unexpected war. I felt exposed, vulnerable and alone on the front line. I had awoken a hideous network of villains and saboteurs, who were in pursuit of me,… »11/22/13 3:20pm11/22/13 3:20pm

How science fiction helped me through my grief

During the second to last episode of Battlestar Galactica, we learned that, before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, Laura Roslin lost her father and her sisters in a car accident. How horrible, I remember thinking. This explains so much about her emotional armor, how slow she is to grow close to anyone. It also… »6/16/13 10:01pm6/16/13 10:01pm

TGIF: Lessons Learned from a Banana-Opening Toddler

I woke up this morning feeling a little cynical. Sure, the weekend was at my fingertips, but it still felt nearly impossible to see over the work day ahead and unwind from the workdays of the past few weeks. Lately (and this is unsual), we've been pulling 10-12 hour shifts at the Good Ship Jezebel and, while I love my… »1/04/13 7:30pm1/04/13 7:30pm

What It's Like to Be the Only Sister in the Sex Club

It's been said that you never forget your first time, your first kiss or your first love. Personally, I'll never forget my first make-out session, my first crush and the first time I sauntered into a sex club: a den of delight for swingers, voyeurs, adventurous couples seeking other couples, and sexy singles looking… »12/01/12 11:00am12/01/12 11:00am

What It’s Like to Be a Lesbian in the Lingerie Industry

The funny thing about being a lesbian in the lingerie industry is that it feels like a paradox: I see versions of myself everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's undeniable that female homoeroticism plays a part in so many lingerie editorials, both implicitly and explicitly, that it's not difficult for me to find… »11/24/12 10:00am11/24/12 10:00am