Obama Tells Guys To 'Marry Up,' Gushes About How 'Cute' Michelle Is

The First Couple needs to go on a date, but since they're too busy campaigning they've taken to flirting from the podium during public events. The President told single men in the audience, "The whole goal is to marry up. To try to improve your gene pool. And we're lucky to have her as first lady of the United States,… » 10/19/11 9:38pm 10/19/11 9:38pm

What Your First Screen Crush Says About You

The first time it happened, I watching a film called The Sandlot, which is an early 90's boys-in-sports film about a ragtag group of misfits playing baseball in the early 1960's while a voiceover dripping with nostalgia nudged the plot along (think The Wonder Years, but without Winnie Cooper and with a graphic chewing… » 7/24/11 4:09pm 7/24/11 4:09pm