First Lady Inviting Ordinary People to Join Her For State of The Union

Are you sitting by your phone? Good, because it's possible that First Lady Michelle Obama is trying to reach you right now to invite you to sit in her box at tomorrow's State of the Union Address. She's asking ordinary citizens whose letters have touched her the chance to meet her and the president and her camp has… »1/19/15 11:30pm1/19/15 11:30pm

So What if Obama Quit Smoking Because He's 'Scared' of His Wife?

Fire up the gaffe signal; the President said something unscripted! Yesterday, during an "hot mic" moment at the UN General Assembly, our Commander-In-Chief Barack Hussein Bengazi Obamacare Bailout Obama confessed to an official that he hasn't had a cigarette in six years because he's "scared" of his wife. Either… »9/24/13 12:00pm9/24/13 12:00pm

Oops: Michelle Obama Accidentally Calls Herself a 'Busy Single Mother'

In an interview with CBS about the difficulty of maintaining proper family nutrition/your sanity when you have a hectic schedule, First Lady Michelle Obama proves her point when she refers to herself as a "busy single mother." It's so difficult that sometimes you forget important details like the fact that you're… »4/04/13 11:00pm4/04/13 11:00pm

China’s Communist Party Is Super Nervous About Having a Famous, Opera-Singing First Lady

China's carefully-orchestrated Communist Party musical, which is whimsically titled The 18th Communist Congress and contains neither music nor Hugh Jackman, will convene next month to name the country's imminent new president, Xi Jinping. Every detail has been scripted and rehearsed, but party leaders are still… »10/21/12 2:00pm10/21/12 2:00pm

Wives of Presidential Candidates Are More Electable Than Actual Presidential Candidates

Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama blew everyone's hair back at the Democratic National Convention with a speech that pundits called "history-changing," and "dominating." The First Lady didn't come out swinging, she didn't go too deeply into policy, she spoke directly to the American people and vouched for her… »9/05/12 11:30am9/05/12 11:30am

D.C. Police Officer Allegedly Threatens to Shoot The First Lady

A police officer in the District of Columbia's Special Operations Division, which is tasked with providing motor escorts for the First Family, was allegedly overheard telling his fellow officers that he was going to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama. Though details of the incident aren't yet clear, the department's… »7/13/12 10:00am7/13/12 10:00am

Please Stop Bugging Michelle Obama About Running for Senate

She may have academic credentials that match her Commander-in-Chief husband, the popular appeal of Madeleine Albright circa 1999, and the fashion chops of Carla Bruni, but Michelle Obama wants to make it clear that she's not interested in running for Senate in 2016. In other news, people are already starting to badger… »5/29/12 7:00pm5/29/12 7:00pm