Watch First Lady Bess Truman Be Thwarted in Her Attempt to Christen an Airplane

Michelle Obama taking three tries to break a champagne bottle on the nose of a submarine is charming and weirdly mesmerizing. But she isn’t the first First Lady to struggle a little with the old christening rigamarole. For instance, watch Bess Truman just hammering away at this ambulance plane. »10/12/15 3:55pm10/12/15 3:55pm


70 Years of First Ladies Standing in Front of Christmas Trees 

It's an American tradition that every year, no matter how dismal, the White House invites a bunch of photographers to capture some feel-good seasonal snapshots of the president's pad decorated for the holidays. Generally, it falls to the First Lady to doll herself up, park herself in front of the tree, and smile for… »12/23/14 6:20pm12/23/14 6:20pm

Why the Hell Are We Still Holding First Lady Bake-Offs? Stop It. Stop It Right Now.

Yesterday, Family Circle announced that First Lady and Princeton-educated attorney Michelle Obama's white and dark chip cookie recipe roundly defeated challenger and stay-at-home mom Ann Romney's M&M's cookie recipe. And while it's tempting to joke about the metrics of stay-at-home mom success versus lawyer success,… »10/03/12 11:30am10/03/12 11:30am

Ann Romney Wants to Be America’s First Professional Mother First Lady in a Century

After Hilary Rosen called Ann Romney — and I'm paraphrasing here — a shiftless layabout who luxuriates on a pallet of silk pillows and divides her days between torpid contemplation of her life of leisure and QVC, people got upset. Some people (stay-at-home moms) were legitimately annoyed that Rosen seemed so… »4/15/12 12:30pm4/15/12 12:30pm