First Dog Bo Is Baffled By Giant Effigy of Himself in Best Holiday…

This video is so crazy and I love everything about it. I'm really hoping that Sasha and Malia made it with some school friends, because tha's the only logical explanation for something so magical. It's clear Bo doesn't know what to make of the insanity either — check out how confused he is when he's staring up at… » 11/29/12 11:45pm 11/29/12 11:45pm

Puppy Love

To atone for all the depressing stories in the news today, we give you this: Fresh from the White House Flickr account, Barack Obama rubbing the belly of a very happy pup. [White House Photostream] » 11/04/09 12:20pm 11/04/09 12:20pm

Little Bo Poop

"I'm the guy with the night shift... We go out and we're walking and I'm picking up poop and in the background is the beautifully lit White House. It's quite a moment." Sounds like it! [AP] » 9/01/09 6:30pm 9/01/09 6:30pm

Top Dog Has Tales To Tell

Well, that was quick: Bo Obama is the subject of a book, Bo, America's Commander in Leash, which will hit stores by the end of the month. Dog-ears not included. [NY Times] » 4/15/09 2:40pm 4/15/09 2:40pm

Why The White House Needs A Greyhound

Though President-Elect Obama's first press conference yesterday was meant to showcase his plans on how to ease the economy out of its current crisis, the question that garnered the most attention, and the question that has been flying all over the press in every country in the world, is this: What kind of dog » 11/08/08 11:50am 11/08/08 11:50am are the…

First Things First: What Kind Of Dog Should The First Puppy Be?

During the election campaign, Barack and Michelle Obama promised to buy their daughters Malia and Sasha a dog once the election was over, win or lose. During his victory speech at Grant Park last night, Obama brought up the puppy issue publicly and announced that a young canine will » 11/05/08 2:20pm 11/05/08 2:20pm be accompanying them to the White…