These Abe Lincoln Band-Aids Will Heal You Like He Healed Our Nation

If your heart bleeds because you love Abraham Lincoln so much but you can't be with him because he's dead, then you're in luck: get these fancy Honest Abe band-aids and wear them close to your heart, or really on any wound. As the handsome Abe-adorned tin they come in promises, "I will heal your wound like I healed a… »7/05/12 11:15pm7/05/12 11:15pm

What To Do If You Find That You Have Injured Yourself

It happens when you least expect it: you're innocently cooking a pizza while Voguing to the bumper music on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me when suddenly, you graze your wrist against the piping hot oven tray. Or you're chasing your dog around and your foot meets an earring laying back-up on the floor. Or an errant… »11/08/11 3:20pm11/08/11 3:20pm