Woman Claims She Was Fired From Synagogue Job for Having Premarital Sex 

The oldest Jewish synagogue in the United States allegedly fired one of its longtime employees after finding out the woman was pregnant at the time of her wedding. Alana Shultz was working as a program director for the Congregation Shearith Israel in Manhattan since 2004. On June 28, she married her fiancé in an… »9/23/15 9:30pm9/23/15 9:30pm


Baltimore City Worker Watches 39 Hours Of Porn In 10 Days, Gets Fired

If you ever feel like you’re not accomplishing much at work between repeated viewings of Designing Women clips on YouTube, you’ll be delighted to hear that a man in Baltimore spent 39 hours just watching porn on the job during a two-week period last year. That’s 50 percent of his shift devoted to porn. You’re doing… »5/05/15 7:00pm5/05/15 7:00pm

Hotel Worker Earning Minimum Wage Fired for Talking to Washington Post

Shanna Tippen, an Arkansas woman making minimum wage cleaning hotel rooms, was fired from her position for talking to a Washington Post reporter about living on the minimum wage. The hotel manager who fired Tippen actually suggested she talk to reporter Chico Harlan, then fired her for saying a minimum wage increase… »3/30/15 4:50pm3/30/15 4:50pm