Diversity-Driven FDNY Relaxes Rules for Female Firefighter

In July, a group of potential firefighters considered the most diverse ever in the FDNY's history began training. Of 318 recruits, 66% were minorities, and the class had a record eight women. Five of those women made it through probation to become firefighters. But according to some firefighters, one of those women… »11/11/13 10:35am11/11/13 10:35am

Firefighters Save Adorable Baby Fox, Adorably Want to Keep It

Firefighters from Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Station in Maryland found a mascot that's way more adorable (and likely more even-tempered) than a Dalmatian on Tuesday when they rescued a baby fox (eep!) that was trapped in a storm drain, wailing for its mom. It was all very Fox and Hound, minus Copper, the farm,… »5/02/13 11:20pm5/02/13 11:20pm

Your Evening Cry: Brave Firefighters Rescue Dogs from a Burning House

In a recently released clip from BURN, a documentary following a year in the Detroit Fire Department, firefighters rush to save two dogs from a burning home while the distressed owner is forced to stand by. The outcome looks bleak when the dogs are finally removed from the house — both, one only a puppy, are… »6/12/12 6:55pm6/12/12 6:55pm

Firefighters Rescue 22 Puppies From Adorable Inferno

Volunteer firefighters fought frantically to save the lives of nearly two dozen dogs trapped in a house fire this past Monday night in New Jersey. The rescue mission was successful, though several of the dogs had to be given oxygen after losing consciousness from smoke inhalation. Even that had it's silver lining,… »4/04/12 11:35am4/04/12 11:35am

A Record Number of Women Could Be Putting Out Fires in New York

If you live in New York and you set your apartment on fire in some ill-advised (read: don't set your apartment on fire) effort to collect on a suspiciously bloated insurance policy you took out on your second-hand furniture, a firewoman — spellcheck does not, by the way, recognize this apparently alien expression —… »3/10/12 12:00pm3/10/12 12:00pm

Black Female Firefighter Reflects on 9/11 Experience

In case you've been living under a rock or are altogether confused about what day it is, today's the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Everyone who remembers that day remembers where they were, what they did, the anger, fear, and hopelessness that they felt. They remember the iconic… »9/11/11 11:45am9/11/11 11:45am

Here's America's Bravest (And Hottest) Firefighters In A Calendar Shoot

Is there something hot in here or is it just these guys? The New York Post has shots from this year's nationwide firefighter calendar, and we can't say we minded looking through the gallery of our country's shirtless heroes. Above is Mr. Minneapolis (otherwise known as Justin Reid) and Mr. New York (real name Philip… »8/18/11 7:00pm8/18/11 7:00pm