What the World Needs Now: Firefighter Rescues Kitten

Cory Kalanick, a Fresno, CA firefighter, was investigating a house fire when he noticed a tiny, lifeless kitten. He sprung to action to rescue the little one, and his helmet cam His helmet cam captured the whole thing. The cat has since been named “Lucky” and is now with the local SPCA. » 7/16/13 12:00am 7/16/13 12:00am

Kate Gosselin Adds To Her Resume

The Wrap reports Kate will soon be back on TV with a new reality show that will have her trying out different professions and places. "It's more like Kate Gosselin firefighter, not Kate Gosselin wife" says a source. [The Wrap] » 1/13/10 10:20am 1/13/10 10:20am