Nicolle Wallace Handles View Firing Rumors By Listing Kardashian Facts

“Even I have a line that cannot be crossed. Don’t ever diss my Kardashian knowledge,” Nicolle Wallace said on Thursday morning’s episode of The View, after Deadline’s Lisa de Moraes noted Wednesday that Wallace was being fired from her full-time host position at the show because she “was not up to speed on the… »7/16/15 11:30am7/16/15 11:30am


Deadline is reporting that (as everyone with awareness of crisis management tactics was predicting)

Deadline is reporting that (as everyone with awareness of crisis management tactics was predicting) Amy Pascal will be leaving her position as the head of Sony Pictures and will "launch a major new production venture at the studio." Coincidentally, a lengthy profile about Pascal, The Interview and the Sony Hack for… »2/05/15 12:06pm2/05/15 12:06pm

Hipster Pastor Mark Driscoll Forced to Step Down From Ministry Network

Mark Driscoll, the hip cool pastor who once referred to America as a "pussified nation," has been asked to step down from his ministry and Acts 29, a network he co-founded. Driscoll and his church have been removed from the network's membership and board members are asking Driscoll to step down and "seek help." »8/08/14 6:30pm8/08/14 6:30pm

Watch Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Pretend They Weren't Fired

After brilliantly firing two-thirds of their hosts right before they were scheduled for a week of prerecorded episodes/vacation, the producers of ABC's The View allowed Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy to lie Monday morning. It was awkward if you were Jenny, full of tears if you were Sherri and totally chill as… »7/07/14 12:40pm7/07/14 12:40pm

Special-Ed Teacher Fired for Using School Gmail To Respond To Craigslist Hook-Up Ads

A (super-ripped) P.S. 183 special-ed teacher named Matthew Maleski, who'd clocked in just over a year at the school, has been fired for responding to Craigslist hook-up ads from a Gmail account that he shared with another teacher, reports NYDN. The other teacher informed Principal Tara Napoleoni of Maleski's… »3/09/13 3:00pm3/09/13 3:00pm