Your Morning Cry: Poodle Found Living in Trash Heap Is Now ASPCA's Dog of the Year

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) named their Dog of the Year, and what a dog it is! Blind senior poodle mix Fiona was found living trash heap in South Los Angeles, and I'm not kidding, I started tearing up when I typed that. The kind folks at Hope for Paws took in Fiona,… »11/08/12 9:30am11/08/12 9:30am


Massey Brothers Slap Bristol Palin With Serious Allegations Of Being Not So Raven

Kyle and Christopher Massey, brothers and former and current Disney stars respectively (Zooey 101, That's So Raven, and spinoff Cory In The House, filed a suit in federal court today against dilettante and professional asshat Bristol Palin, claiming that they created the reality TV show about Palin's life with son… »6/20/12 9:00am6/20/12 9:00am