1 in 4 New Mothers Are Back at Work Two Weeks After Giving Birth

For most working women who want children, the ‘What’s the maternity leave like?’ conversation pops up often. Even with the Family and Maternity Leave Act in place, there’s still a short window for those without cushy jobs to bond with their babies after they’re a few weeks old. This. Is. Terrible. »8/18/15 7:20pm8/18/15 7:20pm

Let's All Move to Finland and Have Babies, Because They Give a Shit

If you give birth in Finland, you're in luck! Along with your new bundle of joy, the government gives you a maternity box filled with clothes, sheets, toys, and a mattress. The mattress can be kept in the box and used as a baby-sized baby bed — so smart and so cost effective! Basically, a trip to a birthing center is… »6/05/13 10:00am6/05/13 10:00am