The Gift Is Terrifying, But Not Because It's a Horror Movie

It’s about 18 minutes into The Gift and I am screaming “Oh shit,” so loudly that the entire theater is laughing and the woman next to me tries to put her hand on my knee to comfort me. It’s the second time this has happened; it’s not the last. But while the jump scares in this Jason Bateman vehicle are plentiful, it’s… »8/13/15 12:23pm8/13/15 12:23pm


Trouble The Water Gives One Woman's Katrina Experience Airtime

Today is the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and with the memoirs and films »8/29/08 3:20pm8/29/08 3:20pm of the wreckage left after the natural destruction and human mismanagement comes the documentary . It stands out from previous films about Katrina because it includes first-person footage shot by a woman and her husband who were living…

The Truth Is, Mulder & Scully Are Just “Two 40-Something Adults With Trust Issues”

The X-Files: I Want to Believe premieres today, shrouded in its own set of Clintonian conspiracy theories. Can Agent Scully rekindle our fangirldom? Are our two special agents still an item? Who's the casting director that saw rapper Xzibit and thought "FBI agent?" Oh, and about that plot: it sounds like a mediocre… »7/25/08 2:30pm7/25/08 2:30pm

The Dark Knight: The Movie's Out, The Reviews Are In, And Heath Ledger Is Amazing

You are probably well aware that the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight opens today, and that it stars the late Heath Ledger as The Joker. This newest installment in the Batman series is, of course, set in a crime-ridden Gotham, where Batman (Christian Bale) meets The Joker, a super-villain who aims for complete… »7/18/08 2:00pm7/18/08 2:00pm