UVA Soy Sauce Frat Throws Cool Party Themed 'Bombs Over Baghdad' 

Zeta Psi is a very old, very rich, very prep-school fraternity at the University of Virginia that's known on campus as Zete and to the rest of the country as "that one frat, I forget where, somewhere in the South probably, that sent a pledge to the hospital for three days after making him wash down some dog food with … »3/02/15 11:50am3/02/15 11:50am

16-Year-Old Pageant Queen Stripped of Her Crown for Looking 'Too Western'

Well, I know I don't need to tell you guys this, because you've been raptly following the results of the Miss World Fiji pageant, but the Miss World Fiji pageant has turned into a real shit-show. Following complaints from concerned citizens, pageant officials have decided to take the title away from this year's… »5/18/12 10:40am5/18/12 10:40am