Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Man Uses Anti-Reclining Device

Flying is a terrible indignity and if my entire family didn't live in the Midwest, I'd never do it because no trip up the majestic coast of California is worth 12+ total hours of X-raying, shoe removing, recycled baby poop air breathing, awkward water glass spilling knee bumping claustrophobia. Plus, what's the deal… » 8/26/14 1:45pm 8/26/14 1:45pm

Woman Terrorizes Plane With Fake Leg, Slaps Passengers, Demands Smokes

A woman on a flight to Edinburgh went ballistic when she was told she couldn't have her own parachute or smoke cigarettes on her flight. That's when the prosthetic leg came off and the terror started. If this were a Lifetime movie, it would be called Legs On a Plane and would star Aviva Drescher. Unfortunately, this… » 7/31/14 6:20pm 7/31/14 6:20pm

Breastfeeding Mom Takes No Shit From Lady Who Tells Her to Cover Up

Lucy Eades of Burleson, Texas, was nursing her 16-day-old daughter while her other daughter was in dance class. An employee of the Burleson Recreation Center took it upon herself to be the boob police and asked Eades to cover up Those Which Are Most Sacred. Awesomely, Eades didn't back down and correctly informed the… » 8/09/13 10:00am 8/09/13 10:00am

Judd Apatow's Mini-Twitter Breakdown Is Proof That the Internet Pisses…

When you embark on an artistic career, or are a newbie in any field, you quickly cozy up to nearly constant criticism — or "constructive feedback", if you're lucky. You would never even dream of talking back to those critics, because you're less self-assured as an artist — you're learning the ropes, you're paying… » 12/27/12 6:00pm 12/27/12 6:00pm

Massive Wedding Brawl Leaves One Dead, Three Arrested

Earlier today, at a wedding at the newly-renovated Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia, an incredibly confusing and enormous brawl broke out between two different wedding parties . It gets real when the bride hits the ground and the insanity just keeps happening on top of her. It's obviously totally awful but I… » 10/08/12 9:30am 10/08/12 9:30am

Facebook Comments Spark 30-Woman Street Brawl

This past weekend, over 30 women were involved in a massive street brawl involving baseball bats and broken glass in Sacramento, California, all reportedly over an issue of Facebook. Suspects (except for the two with injuries serious enough to land them in the hospital) had fled the scene by the time police arrived,… » 4/26/12 12:20pm 4/26/12 12:20pm

Watch Ryan Gosling, Hero, Break Up A Random Street Fight

Here's amateur footage, taken on the corner of Astor Place in New York City over the weekend, of two men fighting in the street. They keep fighting until the 30-second mark, wherein none other than Ryan Gosling appears out of nowhere, shopping bag in tow, to put an end to the violence. WHAT?! It's almost too perfect.… » 8/22/11 3:20pm 8/22/11 3:20pm