Daycare Employees Who Started a 'Baby Fight Club' Are Headed to Court

The first rule of Baby Fight Club is: You do not put videos of your Baby Fight Club on Snapchat. If you break that [incredibly important] rule of Baby Fight Club, you will probably be fired from your job and charged with “endangering the welfare of a child.” This is, for the most part, what happened to two New Jersey… »9/04/15 1:30pm9/04/15 1:30pm


Employees of Day Care Center Charged With Running a Kids ‘Fight Club’

Two former staff members of a New Jersey children’s day care center have been accused of encouraging young children to engage in physical brawls with each other. The incidents, which happened under the supervision of 22-year-old Erica Kenny and 28-year-old Chanese White at Lightbridge Academy, were also posted on… »9/02/15 9:30pm9/02/15 9:30pm

Open Thread: The Night Belongs To Helena Bonham Carter

But the night sort of always does, doesn't it? Queen Helena Bonham Carter Of Darkness and Fingerless Gloves turned 48 today. Let's celebrate Ms. Burton with this clip, which is extraordinary for a) featuring the Pixies and b) being one of the most romantic endings to any movie in 1999. Man, who doesn't still kind of… »5/26/12 11:15pm5/26/12 11:15pm