Here’s Your Open Thread for Women’s World Cup Final: USA vs. Japan

It’s kickoff time for the big rematch between the United States Women’s National Team and Japan. In 2011, the U.S. lost to Japan when they blew two leads and missed three penalty kicks. It’s time for these ladies to avenge their loss! Here’s The Rock taking some time out of his sweaty workout with an encouraging… » 7/05/15 7:00pm 7/05/15 7:00pm

Female Footballers Still Sidelined in FIFA 14

Women won't make an appearance in FIFA 14, despite an insistent campaign of petitions to include them and a summit, last year, that left one organizer with the feeling that it was just a matter of time before women would be included in the world's most popular video game for the world's most popular sport. » 5/07/13 11:24pm 5/07/13 11:24pm