Theater Geeks & Anorexic Alpha Bitches: Summer at Performing Arts Camp

» 5/05/13 1:30pm 5/05/13 1:30pm

Julie Klausner's first YA novel, Art Girls Are Easy, is being released as an original e-book on May 7th; the paperback hits on June 1. Set in the exclusive world of an upscale fine and performing arts camp, Art Girls Are Easy features Indigo Hamlisch, a fifteen-year-old art prodigy. She looks forward to her last… » 5/05/13 1:30pm 5/05/13 1:30pm

'New Adult' Fiction Has Tons of Sexy Sex for the Millennial Reader…

You're, let's say, a young adult floating in that hazy 18-25-year-old range where you may or may not be resisting grown-up responsibilities by playing Arkanoid and drinking Pepsi Max in your parents' basement. Maybe you recently embarked on a month-long project to re-read all the Harry Potter books and thereby… » 12/22/12 3:00pm 12/22/12 3:00pm

Want to Be a Successful Writer? Be a Man.

Well, this is depressing: female authors are still using male pseudonyms — or ambiguous initials in hopes that prospective buyers won't realize they're ladies — because studies show more people read books written by dudes. Can you blame them? » 12/07/12 4:00pm 12/07/12 4:00pm

Jeffrey Eugenides on Female Authors and Jodi Picoult’s ‘Belly-Aching’

Salon's David Daley had a little chit-chat with Jeffrey Eugenides' rakish mustache about the state of literary fiction, how it is that the The Marriage Plot had the Pulitzer Prize door slammed in its face, and what Jodi Picoult is always complaining about, jeez. » 9/26/12 11:55pm 9/26/12 11:55pm

Let the Quipping Begin: Apple Might Take Orange’s Place in Sponsoring…

A funny thing might be happening to the Orange Prize for Fiction, a prestigious literary award that recognizes novels written by women — its sponsor might be changing! Oh, wait, I told it wrong — the funny part is that the new sponsor might be none other than the company founded by a notorious Men in Black-esque alien, … » 8/13/12 9:15pm 8/13/12 9:15pm

E-Books Aren’t Just Doing Wonders for Erotica — Christian Fiction Is…

The no-judgment realm of e-commerce has propelled sales of adult fiction upwards in the last few years, which is funny considering that it's doing the exact same thing (and for pretty much the same reasons) to Christian fiction. According to data from the American Association of Publishers, sales of religious fiction… » 7/22/12 6:00pm 7/22/12 6:00pm

New 'Fiction for Men' to Finally Offer Men the Chance to Read About Men…

Finally shedding the yoke of female dominance of the literary arts, the oft-ignored and long oppressed minority group known as "men" will finally have things to read made just for them. Starting in June, Esquire magazine will begin publishing a series of e-books called "Fiction for Men," finally giving voice to the silent… » 5/21/12 1:40pm 5/21/12 1:40pm

Do Your Favorite Book Characters Change Your Life?

Everybody has those special books that make a big impression on them, and often it's because we find ourselves identifying strongly with one of the characters. Well, it turns out those books might have even more power over us than we realized. A new study has found that when you get really absorbed by a story, your… » 5/14/12 12:10pm 5/14/12 12:10pm

Fifty Shades Of Grey Not That Great, Admits Author of Fifty Shades Of…

"As you're writing this, are you thinking, 'Oh, man, this is good. People are going to love this'?" NBC's Michelle Kosinski asked EL James, author of Fifty Shades Of Grey, this morning on Today. "No," James replied. Later, she described the book as "kind of raw," and conceded, "I'm not a great writer." » 4/17/12 11:00am 4/17/12 11:00am